Governance and Credibility

During the past four years I have used this Blog space to credit community events and volunteers. But now, with the election campaign underway leading to voting on October 20, I will focus mainly on important issues and priorities. There are many issues facing our city. However, I see the first and main priority as re-establishing proper principles of governance. Councillors and City staff need to know their respective roles and duties, and to interact appropriately. We need to re-establish Council's credibility - with our citizens, with our business community, and with potential investors. Proper governance is important to me. So, when I recently attended the Union of British Columbia Municipalities conference in Whistler, I was very pleased to be presented with a Certificate in Local Government Leadership from the Local Government Leadership Academy. The presentation was made by outgoing UBCM president Wendy Booth. Hopefully I will be able to pass along my views on proper governance and local government leadership by getting re-elected on October 20. I ask for your support!

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