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Last night at VICC, the Chamber of Commerce and OurNanaimo hosted a "fishbowl" debate for 25 Council candidates. I applied to take part, submitted answers to qualifying questions, and was accepted. However, taking part would have meant that I could not attend a City Council meeting that was held at the same time. Upon reflection I felt that my duty and responsibility as a Council member was to attend the Council meeting, especially since an in-camera sessions involved important decisions about DisconTent City. I do not regret that decision as I think it was the right thing to do, but I am sorry I could not be part of the candidate debate.

With election time drawing near there are a couple of other opportunities for the public to meet candidates. VIU is hosting a meet and greet this morning in the cafeteria area from 11am-1pm. On Wednesday from 5-7pm ten candidates including myself will be in the lobby of the Port Theatre to meet people and answer questions.

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