The Thorpe Report


  • Third generation Nanaimoite

  • Conscientious and reliable

  • Articulate, professional and thoughtful

  • Voice of reason and experience

  • Proven leader and team player

  • An independent voice interested in the betterment of our city

  • Willing to “work hard, play fair and show good sportsmanship”

Ian Thorpe Believes in:

  • Rebuilding Nanaimo’s civic reputation and the working relationship with City staff

  • Principles of proper governance and conduct

  • Maintaining a clean, safe, and healthy community

  • Revitalization of our downtown and waterfront

  • Open, honest, and respectful communication

  • Enhancement of sport, recreational, and cultural facilities

  • Responsible use of taxpayers’ money

  • Maintaining a strong economic base

  • Sustainable growth and affordable housing

  • Promoting Nanaimo and the natural beauty of our surrounding area

Leadership Award.jpg

Ian Thorpe receiving  Local Government Leadership Academy certificate in Local Government Leadership from UBCM president Wendy Booth at the recent Union of BC Municipalities Conference in Whistler.