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Ian Thorpe receiving  Local Government Leadership Academy certificate in Local Government Leadership from past UBCM president Wendy Booth at a Union of BC Municipalities Conference in Whistler.

The Thorpe Report


  • Third generation Nanaimoite

  • Conscientious and reliable

  • Articulate, professional and thoughtful

  • Voice of reason and experience

  • Proven leader and team player

  • An independent voice interested in the betterment of our city

  • Willing to “work hard, play fair and show good sportsmanship”

Ian Thorpe Believes in:

  • Principles of proper governance and conduct, with open, honest, and respectful communication

  • Support for RCMP, Fire, and Bylaw services to improve public safety and wellbeing

  • Focussing on provision of basic services needed to operate our City, with responsible use of taxpayers' money

  • Working to ensure a safe, clean, and healthy community, and supporting local businesses

  • Maintaining a strong financial base, using established economic principles

  • Enhancement of sport, recreational, and cultural facilities.

  • Sustainable growth and increased affordable housing

  • Advocating for improvements to our Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

  • Transportation planning that enhances efficient traffic flow and adequate parking facilities

  • Advocating for provincial strategy to house and treat those with severe mental health/addiction problems

For more details check my website at:

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