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AAP Continued

In my opinion a new Public Works Yard is badly needed. And to fund the project, money will need to be borrowed. Any long-term borrowing requires voter assent, which can be done through holding a referendum or through an alternate approval process. The latter is more efficient and less expensive, and is used by municipalities to gain approval for borrowing for projects which are deemed as "must have." Not everyone is comfortable with the concept, and unfortunately the Nanaimo process was found to be flawed in that voter forms were not made available on the first day that the process began. a special Council meeting this past Monday, Council voted to 1) cancel the current AAP process 2) abandon the borrowing bylaw associated with it 3) direct staff to return to Council with options to fund Phase One of the project.

This does not mean the project is cancelled. Only the AAP. Council will look at possible options, which might well include putting the question of borrowing to a referendum. Or funding through direct taxation. Or trying another AAP. Stay tuned.


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