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Pedestrian Safety Upgrades

At the July 17, 2023, meeting, City Council approved a number of pedestrian safety upgrades to hopefully be achieved during the coming budget year, utilizing unallocated pedestrian-related funds. Among them will be a raised crosswalkl at Dufferin and Grant, beacons and improved lighting at Pine and Wentworth, raised crosswalk in 400 block of Campbell, raised crosswalk at Howard and Regal, flashing beacons at Dover and Applecross, revised pavement markings at Brickyard and Broadway, flashing beacons in 3700 block Departure Bay Road, and a new sidewalk on Departure Bay Road between Alan A Dale and Wardropper Park. Beginning in 2018, Council has used Strategic Infrastructure Reserve funds to create an annual budget within the Financial Plan for pedestrian mobility and safety enhancements, and staff have prioritized projects for Council's consideration.


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