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Our provincial government continues to barrage us with overriding legislation which takes away local autonomy. One important example is Bill44, which obligates local governments to allow for "Small Scale Multi-Unit Housing." What is means is that zoning to prescribe a single family residence will no longer exists. Areas of the City will be pre-zoned to automatically allow for greater density - with

builders able to construct more than one residence on a single lot. In some cases, up to four mini-units! On top of this, the City in most cases is "prohibited" from holding a Public Hearing on the developments. The City, and our neighbourhood citizens, have no say. This will become provincial law, and we must comply, but it is not something I am comfortable with. Aside from the loss of autonomy, Bill 44 will also result in unintended negative consequences on our neighbourhoods, such as increased parking needed, increased infrastructure needed, etc. The changes will come gradually, but they will be very significant.


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