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Gas Bylaw

Continuing the conversation about the controversial natural gas motion, it has now come to Council for adoption of the bylaw. It received first, second, and third reading on September 25, when it was again briefly debated. Same voting pattern, except that the Mayor was absent. The bylaw now needs only fourth reading to make it official. I repeat that I must respect the will of Council. However, I also repeat that I am strongly opposed to this motion for several reasons. We are being

led by ideology that individuals on Council support, but we are not looking at the bigger picture and deciding what is best for our community. Drastically speeding up implementation of a zero carbon step code is not fair to our business community, will have a definite adverse affect on builders and suppliers, and will in future limit

consumer choice when it comes to heating and cooking source. All in the name of climate change, which it will have no impact on at all.


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