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Issue: Transportation Plan

It has always been a huge economic asset that Nanaimo is an Island Hub, with a thriving airport, two ferry terminals, and deep-sea port. As our city grows, transportation infrastructure is increasingly under pressure. We must pay attention to road maintenance and expand inter-regional transit. Ensure efficient flow of traffic through proper design, and stop narrowing travel lanes and eliminating right-hand turn lanes in order to facilitate under-used and over-designed bike paths. Our transportation master plan need to be re-examined. It acknowledges that Nanaimo is auto-centric, but then ignores that fact and focusses only on active transportation. Let's deal with reality: 88% of trips made in our city are by car, and the number of cars on the road is rapidly increasing. Only 1% of trips are by bike. So let's stop strangling our traffic flow and causing unnecessary congestion. Also, we need to push the province to cloverleaf parkway intersections. Efficient movement of people is important but so is movement of commercial goods. Rail transportation could play a huge role in this, and should be promoted, not just for passengers and tourism, but vital for movement of freight up and down the island, especially to and from our port and Duke Point facility.

Tomorrow: Party Politics


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