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Local Issue: Metral Drive

Safety and public disorder, tax rates, and affordable are all important issues to voters this year. But another local issue is getting a lot of attention: recent changes to the roadway of Metral Drive. I have gone on record several times as being opposed to what is happening there, including being the only Councillor to vote against using $1.4million from reserves to pay for cost overruns. This project relates directly to my concerns over our current Transportation Plan which fails to address the fact that traffic is increasing on our streets. The goal should be to improve traffic flow; Metral has done just the opposite. Even cyclists agree that the project has not only created several unnecessary traffic problems but also safety issues for cyclists as well as drivers. Over-design has reduced roadway widths, eliminated entire traffic lanes, done away with bus pull-outs, and eliminated right hand turn lanes which backs up traffic in high density areas close to Superstore and Enterprise Way. An expensive and unnecessary project which in my personal opinion has been a huge waste of taxpayer money. It has become an election issue, and with good cause.


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