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Natural Gas

In one of the most controversial decisions of this Council so far, a motion was passed last Monday night which would ban natural gas as a primary heating source in newly built homes as of July 1, 2024. The vote was 5-4 in favour. In favour were Councillors Brown, Geselbract, Manly, Hemmens, and Eastmure. Opposed were Mayor Krog and Councillors Thorpe, Armstrong, and Perrino. While I must respect the will of Council, I personally think this was a terrible decision. It will do nothing for the environment, but will have a negative impact on local businesses, home owners, and our economy. People should have a choice in heating choices, not be forced to use just Hydro. Some find natural gas cheaper, and point to power outages and demands on the grid which could affect supply of Hydro. The City, and local busisnesses, were prepared to move in step with BC Government guidelines regarding emissions with a 2030 deadline. This decision moves us too quickly without necessary time for preparation, investigation, and consultation.


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