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Provincial Conference

Last week, I joined with the Mayor and several other Councillors to attend the annual Union of B.C. Municipalities Conference. It is an opportunity to meet with Councillors from other areas of the province and discuss issues of importance. There are study sessions and clinics, and resolutions to be put forward to the provincial government are debated. In addition, I attended along with others specific meetings with provincial cabinet ministers. One was the Honourable Murray Rankin, Minister responsible for Housing. Another was the Honourable

Mike Farnworth, Solicitor General. This provided an opportunity to express the concerns of Nanaimo citizens around issues of affordable and supportive housing, mental health and addiction challenges, and public safety. I have been hearing very clearly that community safety and lack of housing are key issues for our citizens. That message was passed along to the provincial Ministers, and their

support for our City was strongly advocated for.


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