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TOA Parking

Following up on my last post, here's another provincial government edict being forced upon the City which will have major impact, and negative consequences. It is under Bill 47: Housing Statutes (Transit Oriented Areas). We are being required to immediately designate certain areas near to bus exchanges as TOAs. There is a stated intent to reduce reliance on motor vehicles, assuming that everyone living in the area will use either transit or bicycles. So, builders will no longer need to provide off-street parking spaces for vehicles. No room for cars. Well, first of all, people are still going to need and use cars. Now, where will they be able to park? If no off-street spaces are provided, the only answer is to park on the street. Which of course will cause even more congestion on our roads, not to mention the inconvenience of having to find a space and be subject to 2-hour limitations. Although this is a provincial mandate, I voted against this new bylaw on principle, and will speak against it when a public hearing is held.


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